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A fair price

The A Bait has always been about innovation

 and not profit. We do not require advertising or publicity and have no desire to copy or replicate any others' bait. 

Despite preservative going up 300% last year i managed to keep the price the same. It seems that the every supplier has increased their prices this year and i have had to follow suit.

I still believe £7 a kilo and £7.50 for the great white is a very competitive  price for a premium product.  

Orders are normally sent in 48 hours by courier.  


Baits that do not need freezing

I have never liked the term shelf life baits and to be honest did not like shelf life baits. I went out of my way to change this and since 2008 we have made baits differently. These baits are for all the world fresh baits but they do not need freezing, just keep cool and dry. They will last a long time and be at their best for at least 6 months. Click icon below to join facebook group


With regret I can no longer send out samples or just hookbaits via Royal Mail

I opperate from a remote warehouse who despatch orders for me. It works well to be honest but 

the days of being available day and night are gone. Its great bait that I my self want to use and will catch you a net full of fish. This is a small scale opperation with no intention to grow but an ongoing commitment to quality