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Great White (2021)

16 x 12mm barrels

Over the course of 35 years of carp bait making I have pioneered a lot of additives of which some have been good and others less so. In 2020 myself and a handful of friends had over a hundred 40 pound carp in 7 weeks on something that looked and smelt quite innocuous but was cleary something very special. Its totally natural but also very hard to come by and very expensive.

I will be doing a barrel shape that will be £7 a kilo and also chod pop ups and wafters that will contain a higher level of the SL2 additive.

The bait is a fishmeal with extra hydrolysed proteins in liquid and powder form, as it is a very high percentage protein bait you will need to use less and fishing a handful over the top of carp pellets has proved also very effective. The bait has the most evolved lipid structure of anything ive done or researched before, exactly what carp crave most for energy in the colder water.