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 How do you replace Plum Zing, our flagship bait for the last 10 years! To be honest I had no intention but discovered something quite special, more or less by accident.

I wanted a nutritious fishmeal base to add a spectrum of vitamins to feed the fish in my own lake, to bulk up their weight and also to give them the necessary nutrients for fins and skin repair. It turns out that one of these minerals is just about the best fish attractor I’ve ever come across.

The black colouring starts to go green in the water and fished over a dark lake bed “the fish recognition and suspicion of boilies” is partly removed which encourages aggressive feeding. The benefit of being dark is a huge bonus on shallow lakes with a lot of bird life.

Zing pro is a fishery owner's and anglers dream. Like the original plum zing the boilie is pH adjusted and now has an Ethyl Alcohol flavour to compliment the Zing.

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